Hearing Aids for You

Loss of hearing is definitely a common problem presently. This ailment can be a hindrance for communication and also lead to problems in the professional front. Though these hearing aids are beneficial in more than one way you have very few opting for this even though they are suffering from hearing loss.

For apt quality of life it is essential to opt for a specific hearing aid, but only after consulting a qualified professional.

* Tinnitus is one ailment which is common. When an individual hears a buzzing sound or a ringing sound or sensation in the ears without an external factors being the cause, this means they are suffering from tinnitus. Most often this condition is neglected but over a period of time this can lead to major problems related to the job front or other aspects of life. Opting for hearing aids is one way to stifle the sounds heard by a patient suffering from tinnitus.

  • It is known that the brain functions and the auditory system are closely connected. Cognitive decline and loss of hearing are closely connected. Those suffering from loss of hearing, have greater chances of developing this cognitive issue. Hearing aids is one way to counteract the effect of hearing loss on the brain.
  • Hearing loss works out as an additional stress for any individual. Avoiding social interactions is common with these patients. Obviously, the quality of life takes a hard hit. Hearing aids can be the positive required for the apt quality in life.
  • Misunderstanding can be avoided with the help of these hearing aids as an individual can listen better and thus communicates in the right manner.

Types of Hearing Aids:

A hearing aid needs to be chosen only after apt consultation with a qualified professional. This aid is chosen in accordance to the level of the loss, life style needs, budget and the aesthetic appeal.

1. Invisible-In-Canal: (IIC)

As compared to the other styles of the hearing aids, the IIC can be fitted farther into the ear canal. This makes it practically invisible when used. For good ear health, these aids are designed to be removed every day.

2. In-the-Canal: (ITC)

These hearing aids can be fitted into the canal but with a small portion of the aid shown in the outer ear. These are apt for not only severe hearing loss but also for the mild hearing loss.

3. Behind-The-Ear: (BTE)

The case of this hearing aid rests behind the ear. An acoustical tube of clear plastic directs the sound which is amplified, into an ear mold customized or into an ear bud which is fitted into the ear canal, apt for moderate or eve severe hearing loss.

4. Receiver-In-Canal: (RIC)

This instrument is barely visible and the receiver is placed inside the ear canal. Instead of the plastic acoustical tube, this hearing aid has electrical wires. This helps in reduction of distortion. These aids provide an apt and comfortable fit.

Besides the budget it is important to find out only from a professional which hearing aid is apt for your requirement.

Top 9 Best Hearing Aids of 2020

  • Eargo 
  • MD HearingAid 
  • Hear.com
  • Hearing Hero 
  • Hear Better
  • Otofonix 
  • Hearing Amplifier 
  • Hearing Help Express
  • Life Ear
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