Senior Mobile Homes

Mobile Homes make life a wonderful experience for senior citizens. They are easy, affordable and full of social life. It is undoubtedly an option that most senior citizens would want to consider.

Types of Mobile Homes:

There are typically two types of mobile homes- the singlewide and the doublewide. Singlewide mobile homes are less than sixteen feet in width when assembled, while doublewide mobile homes are more than twenty four feet in width. Singlewide mobile homes consist of single pieces which are transported by means of truck trailers to the site. Doublewide mobile homes have two parts, which are fixed together on site.

Benefits of Opting Mobile Homes For Seniors:


Budget Friendly

Mobile homes are affordable, with a low initial cost and upkeep. The park usually takes care of major area maintenance, leaving you to care only for your home and its immediate environs. This means that you have to spend less time, effort and money paying for and keeping up your home.


The demand for more upscale housing has turned the entire mobile home industry around. Today's modern homes look like luxurious houses instead of boxes on the outside. On the inside, hardwood floors, modern fixtures, plush carpeting and spacious designs make these homes with many being designed to meet the needs of seniors with amenities like swimming pools, clubhouses, fitness complexes, community center activities and other desirable amenities.


Many upscale mobile home parks are gated, but this is not the only reason that they are more secure. Smaller communities, especially those formed for people of similar interests and goals, are closer knit than today's sprawling collections of houses. People are more likely to notice if strangers hang around or if suspicious activity is going on. They are also more likely to be proactive by confronting suspicious people or calling the police. Crime is low in these communities, due to the lifestyles of the people who move here.

Easy Relocation Process:

Mobile homes offer easy transfer if you wish to move into a location that has a lower cost of living, you can just easily move your house to your desired location. This is an in demand factor for old adults, especially those who are retired. They want cheaper expenses and a hassle-free house that is easy to upkeep.


It's wonderful to live where you know your neighbors and share interests. Specially-designed mobile homes allow these connections to be made easily and swiftly. With many quality mobile home communities investing in social centers for their residents and group activities, it's easy to stay active and interested in your community and make new friends. Community is something we can all appreciate and benefit from and choosing a community that encourages community spirit is an excellent way to support this.

Mobile homes are changing the world of living style to meet the needs of senior citizens who want from the communities.