Walk In Tubs: Why Get One?

A walk in tub is like any other normal bathtub with the main difference being it has a watertight door. The door allows the user to walk into the tub and lock it while taking a shower.

Once a person is done with showering, they drain the water in the tub before opening the door and stepping out of the bath tub. Most walk in bathtubs are designed specifically to provide convenience and safety for the individuals that are going to use them. Most walk in tubs are designed to be taller as opposed to wider which most traditional bathtubs are.

Difference Between Traditional Bathtubs and Walk In Tubs

The design of the walk tub shower is different from traditional bathtubs, but they both serve the same function, to bathe. The walk tub shower has a door that is used for stepping into the shower as opposed to traditional bathtubs that have no door. Another major difference is that the walk in tubs allows one to be immersed fully in water because they are tall, unlike traditional ones that are wide and provide little immersion. Most traditional bathtubs are also not safe for people that are using wheelchairs. The transfer from the wheelchair to the bathtub can be very difficult. On the other hand, there are walk in tubs that allow the whole front part to open to make the transfer easier. 

Who Uses Walk In Tubs?

Walk in tubs are specifically designed for individuals that have mobility challenges such as the elderly, sick, or disabled. They are designed to make the bathing experience easier and more comfortable. They can best be used by individuals that suffer from certain physical challenges but still want to remain independent. This allows them to take a shower without having to be bathed by a caregiver. Walk in tubs also come with different accessories that make them more comfortable, for instance they come with bath seats and bath handles. This provides security for the people using them as well as maximum comfort.

Top Reasons To Buy A Walk In Tub 

  • Can no longer bathe 
  • Afraid of falling 
  • Have a loved one you are worried about 
  • Maintain happiness 
  • Safety Features

Types of Walk In Tubs

There are different designs of walk in tubs that are available at different prices. Some of the common types include soaker, whirlpool, aerotherapy, bariatric, wheelchair accessible, and lastly combination walk in bathtubs. The soaker is the basic type of walk in tub that has an inbuilt seat. The whirlpool walk in tub has a heater that allows you to warm the water as you are taking a bath. However, they need much more maintenance because the jets for water need cleaning regularly. The combination walk in bathtubs come with a shower handle. They allow one to shower as they would in a traditional shower. The shower handle can be moved any way depending on which part of your body you want the water to go to. Bariatric bathtubs are efficient for heavier individuals because they have a wide opening for stepping in and a large built-in seat as well. All these tubs are efficient for people with disabilities to maintain their independence.

At the end of the day you are just trying to remain safe at home and independent. Be comfortable and take a little stress off of your plate by searching for a deal that best suits you and your wallet. If you are looking for the top 2020 walk in tubs please take a look here!