Top 3 Senior Meal Services

Senior Meal Delivery Services are a great way for Seniors to get access to healthy foods on a regular basis. Dietary needs change as one gets older, and it is often difficult for senior citizens to get the foods they need to remain healthy during retirement.

A senior Meal delivery service is the perfect solution to this problem. Meal Delivery services have a variety of different options, including healthy meals, low sodium or salt free meals, or pre-portioned meals ready to cook. Senior Meal Delivery Services ensure that Seniors get properly portioned nutritional meals without the hassle of traveling to the local super market or Grocery.

Steak Dinner With Potato and GreensThere are quite a few different senior meal delivery services available today.  Some operate within specific states, others operate nationwide.  All provide their customers with a structured meal schedule, with some services delivering meals every day, three times a day, and other delivering a number of meals each week.  Some services are structured on a per meal basis, giving the customer more flexibility. With all the options, finding the right meal delivery plan can be tough, but a little research will help give you a better idea of what you require from a meal delivery service. To help you get a better idea of which Meal Delivery service may be right for you.

We are highlighting three of the best Meal Delivery service programs for Seniors to give you an early start in your search.  Our top three Senior Meal Delivery companies are Diet-to-Go, specifically their Freshology meal plans, Silver Cuisine, and finally Magic Kitchen.  There are other options for meal delivery services, but for now we will focus on these three.


Freshology is not, strictly speaking, a senior meal delivery program. They are a healthy Meal Delivery program with a variety of menus that can work for anyone, including seniors. The Freshology meal plans are designed around a healthy eating philosophy and to help achieve fitness goals. These plans end up being great for active seniors, who are often looking to control sodium and carb intake.  They have four plan options, Balance, Balance-Diabetes, Keto-Carb30, and finally a vegetarian option. Freshology offers fully cooked ready to eat meals, saving you the hassle of chopping up vegetables and meat, a task which can get increasingly difficult as you age. With reasonable pricing, typical 2 meals per day plans average out to $12.50 per meal, the only real downside is the variable delivery fee and variable delivery practices.  Some areas, like the greater Los Angeles Area may not have standard delivery, instead having a pick-up option. While Freshology may not offer the most control over individual meals, the food is professionally prepared and delicious.

Silver Cuisine:

Silver Cuisine is a dedicated Senior Meal Delivery program, with all its meal options focused on providing Senior Citizens with the necessary nutrients in a great tasting healthy meal. Silver Cuisine does not have a contract or long term meal plan, instead you select individual meals from their rotating mean (Which has over 150 options).  Meals are priced between $6 and $15 (Not including shipping).  There are no minimum orders, so you can order a single meal if that is all you need during any given week. Silver Cuisine offers a flexibility that most meal delivery services simply don’t offer. Silver Cuisine does not deliver heated meals, so you do need to heat up the food when it arrives, but this is arguably the easiest part of any meal prep. Silver Cuisine also has specific meals that meet various nutritional needs. They have Hearty Healthy meals, meals created for those managing diabetes, low sodium meal options, and even gluten free options.  If you have any dietary restrictions you’ll find you still have plenty of options with Silver Cuisine. And with FedEx delivery you’ll never need to leave the comfort of your home to get a delicious meal.

Magic Kitchen:

Magic Kitchen, the last option of our top three offers a variety of great options when it comes to planning.  They have an A La Carte menu, which offers you more control of your food choices, but they also offer meal programs. Meal Programs have menus chosen by the Magic Kitchen, but you can set up specific parameters, such as frequency of meals (number of meals a day for a set duration of time) or dietary restrictions, like diabetes management meals, or Low Sodium meals. Magic Kitchen offers same day shipping for any order that is placed before 2pm CT Monday and Tuesday.  Recurring meals are also shipped out Monday and Tuesday. Magic Kitchen does not have any contracts and you can stop recurring meals at any time (with a day’s advance notice).  Magic Kitchen has variable pricing and occasionally offers deals, but you can expect prices for recurring plans to have a high range of about $90 for 1 meal a day per 7 days, $180 for 2 meals a day per week, and $275 for three meals a day per week.

Other Senior Delivery Options:

The three meal delivery options above aren’t your only options by any means. There are plenty of other options to choose from, and just because we didn’t cover them on our list doesn’t mean they aren’t a quality service. Services like Fresh and Easy, Nutrisystem, HelloFresh, Home Chef, and Sun Basket can also meet your needs.  Some meal delivery services deliver pre portioned ingredients that you will need to cook yourself, which may be a more appealing option for those who love to cook be have difficulty getting to the local grocery store. Whatever your needs, you can surely find the right Senior Meal Delivery option that fits into your life!

Meals On Wheels:

We here at feel the need to address Meals On Wheels for this article. Meals on Wheels is the ONLY federally supported senior meals program.  Meals On Wheels was designed to specifically meet the nutritional needs of senior citizens.  If you are having trouble finding a meal delivery program that fits into your budget, you should look up Meals On Wheels.  They have plenty of local community-based programs available accross the United States.  The Meals on Wheels website is the perfect place to learn more about this incredible program.