Senior Transportation

With the population in constant growth over the years, the senior population has significantly increased over the last few decades. One fact about getting older is you cannot drive forever.

There are so many factors why one would not feel comfortable behind the wheel but one of the biggest factors simply is, age. Getting older doesn’t mean you stopped needing to go anywhere, the need for transporting these seniors grew along with the population. Seniors are still citizens and members of this society, so they still have many tasks that has to be handled on a daily basis. This may include medical appointments, going to the grocery store, and the various other errands that they may have.

Why Senior Transportation?

Majority of us across the country rely on cars every day and don’t completely realize how much we rely on them. Going to the store, daily commute to work, meeting friends for a drink, and just anything life may throw at us, a lot of it involves transportation. Does that mean simply because you get older all of that comes to a screeching halt? No, we all understand we cannot be on the road forever but also does not mean we stop living. That is why senior transportation is such a huge market for the simple fact that seniors are still people and need transportation just like everyone else. Image result for senior transportation

Types of Personal Transportation

  • Volunteer driver programs are nonprofit organizations that have developed a network of volunteers that offer transportation for shopping, recreation, doctors’ appointments and any possible other needs.
  • Para-transit Service: Private agencies provide services using their own minibuses or small vans for those with disabilities
  • Door through Door Service: Agencies that offer door to door services, they offer some personal assistance help not to the level of a care provider, but they will get you from your door to the door of your destination.

A lot of people always say you can always use public transportation but in a lot of cities public transportation has not been fully developed.  With modern technology becoming so innovative, relying on public transportation is no longer the top of seniors list. Services such as Uber and Lyft allow seniors to remain independent directly from their phone. You simply put in the address you want to go to and you get immediate details on your driver and car.

Planning for Senior Transportation

  • How long has said business been in business? Is it reliable?
  • Do they have insurance Coverage?
  • Do they have sufficient number of cars available?
  • Do they undergo background checks and alcohol testing?
  • Are they equipped to handle emergencies?
  • What are they wait times like?

It’s important that you arm yourself with information that can be beneficial to finding transportation that will get you to where you are going safely. From so many companies out there it’s important to do your homework. If you are trying to maintain your independent lifestyle, senior transportation may be the choice for you. Even if you may not be completely independent anymore, a lot of driving services offer services beyond just driving you from place to place. Consider senior transportation and maintain the lifestyle you want.